Membership Benefits


A lifetime of charitable support to members. We have a benevolent fund designated to support individuals and families or churches during a crisis. 

We are here to  make financial gifts to support needy individuals, members, and organizations that need our help. Our goal is to be able to gift members when requests are made and needy individuals have a noteworthy cause.  Our philanthropy may  extend to orphans, the hungry, homeless individuals, churches, victims of natural disasters, individuals or organizations facing a unique financial crisis, and any nonprofit charitable organizations.

Giving and Sharing

When you become a member you have the opportunity to give monthly or on an annual basis to support other members of the organization and the Hope Again House. Your contribution can help establish new churches, support the needy, and empower us on our global mission to spread the gospel to every nation. 


Become a member by subscribing on our home page. Send us an email with your phone number and attached resume if you want to become a volunteer worker or employee. Please include your name or the name of the organization or business to join. Please also let us know by email if you want to be part of our network of providers for the homeless population. 

Corporate Sponsorship

We can sponsor members as a corporation. Corporate sponsorship is for churches and for individuals.  We can sponsor an individual or organization by asking for contributions  from many others inside or outside of our network of members. We can help you to network by forwarding your emails or requests to other members of our organization. 

Conferences & Organizational Leadership

Members are invited to our annual  conference. Churches that join receive many free services for nonprofit organizations including free seminary training for members and other services needed by nonprofit organizations, but tailored to organizational needs.